Il Hoon Roh Solo Exhibition

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Limited edition of 12
Screen light, Carbon fibre, fiber optic cable, LED, aluminium, W30cm x L100cm x H185cm, 2014
Nodus, which means “knots” in Latin, was inspired by traditional Korean paper craft “Ji-Seung” dating back to the 13th century. Nodus is made of carbon fibre strings that have been hand woven into over 10,000 knots using techniques employed by Korean paper craft artists from the past. Fiber optics and LEDs were added to illuminate the work. Nodus combines traditional craft technique with modern high-tech materials and demonstrates alternate ways to utilize craft methods of the past. It pays homage to those unknown, skilled master craftsmen who developed these beautiful, intricate techniques.
Samsung Electronics sponsored with their latest LEDs and components necessary for this design.

Furniture Series of Carbon Fiber by IL HOON ROH

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Designers from IL HOON ROH studio have presented the advantages and opportunities of carbon fiber in the SaloneSatellite (Milan). Table Ramus M1, as well as the benches, stools and low tables from the furniture Series Rami are made with the use of carbon fiber. Due to the material the lightness and solidity are assigned to the construction. The furniture has one more distinctive feature: durability of the material is combined with an unusual structure, borrowed from the branches of the trees (from the Latin “ramus” is a branch). The basis of the furniture Rami is woven with the use of more than a kilometer of the carbon fiber thread. Their final shapes are organized in the manufacturing process. So the pattern is not known beforehand. The Series is not over yet, so we will wait for new products.

IL Hoon Roh Table R EX07 (Table Radiolaria Experiment07)

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A few years ago we all decided to make a giant leap and immigrate to Australia. This involved packing all our belongings including our car onto a massive shipping container. For over 4 months we waited patiently for our worldly goods to arrive in shipment just to find several items were missing or damaged. One of our prided possessions was a fantastic coffee table bought from UK based retailer Habitat. What made it so special was the resin coated marble pebble top, which was now in two pieces. Fortunately, we were able to salvage the table by sourcing a customized piece of marble. However, if this hadn’t been possible I would be seriously interested in one of IL Hoon Roh’s phenomenal R EX07 tables.


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Au coeur de la Cité du Design, nous croisons le designer Il Hoon Roh concepteur de ce paravent NODUS – réalisé en fibre de carbone et câbles de fibre optique…

Mobilier futuriste par le studio Il Hoon Roh

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Il Hoon Roh, studio de design basé en Corée du sud nous présente son travail Fabric Table R, Table R Ex07, Fabric Light R et collection Rami où formes, matériaux et noms sont tournés vers le futur.

Industriel ? Scientifique ? Métallique ?

Le studio tente par ses expériences de développer des « Tissus » plastiques (GRP) extensibles permettant de générer des meubles reproduisant des processus de fabrications inspirés par la nature.