Chandelier 137.5

Chandelier, GRP, metal parts, fiber optic cable, LED, W110cm x L110cm x H130cm, 2016

The top plate of Chandelier 137.5 consists of a patterned surface and holes carefully positioned 137.5 degrees from each other. In the process of designing a strong and efficient top plate to support the fiber optic cable strands, the artist drew inspiration from phyllotaxis, the arrangement of leaves on a plant stem. 137.5 degrees is a constant angle found between leaves coming out of certain plant stems. The artist strung fiber optic cable strands (connected to LEDs to emit light) through such holes with varying lengths of slack, allowing gravity to naturally shape the final curves and form.

The phyllotactic pattern provided the top plate the strength and structural efficiency necessary to support the entire structure. The result is a balanced, symmetrical and beautiful form.

Chandelier 137.5 introduces elements of phyllotactic patterns found in nature into the curvature research in which the artist utilises gravity and fiber optic cable strands to create designs full of natural curves. The result is a chaotic yet highly controlled design.

Samsung Electronics sponsored the artist with the latest LED modules and drivers and Altair sponsored by providing the thermodynamic calculations.