Fabric Light R

Floor & Table lamp, GRP, carbon fiber, LED, 2016
Piano: W40cm x L40cm x H91cm
Mezzo: W40cm x L40cm x H180cm
Forte: W60cm x L60cm x H230cm

The organic forms found in this object was generated by a fabric stretching design technique developed by the artist. A single piece of fabric was stretched by hand into a three-dimensional form, which was then hardened by laminating with GRP. The resulting shapes were not pre-set but allowed to generate into the final shapes, replicating building processes found in nature.
These principles have been tried and tested through the evolutionary process, resulting in a form that is lightweight, structurally optimised, extremely efficient and strictly follows the “form follows function” principle found in nature. It is about appreciating nature’s simple, yet advanced design process.

Limited edition of 12